Why Us


Synaptic Solar is a licensed and insured solar subcontractor utilizing industry experts who understand the challenges of today’s solar Installs. Everyone at Synaptic Solar is part of a client-centric culture that concentrates on you. We all work together to bring to your customers a professional and pleasant experience. We offer the highest quality work with the most competitive rates with the opportunity to lock us in at even lower rates by signing an exclusive contract.

Why You Should Use  Synaptic Solar for Your Solar Installations

By using synaptic Solar for your solar installations, you can leverage your in-house capabilities without increasing your overhead costs. Utilize synaptic solar to gain access to a skilled labor force and leverage our expertise to your benefit.. Synaptic solar can provide the stop-gap measures that will allow you to bid on large projects or get through peak season of the year. In short, you can scale your operations at minimal cost. Synaptic Solar will take care of the time-consuming operations associated with solar installations which will allow you to concentrate on growing your business.


Finding the Right Solar Subcontractor

The right solar contractor has large operation capabilities that can Install and easily keep up with your sales growth. With synaptic you also can get access to financing for your customers. Synaptic has expansive operations throughout Texas and can usually install your jobs within 30 days of sale. By using synaptic solar you will be getting ahead of the curve and expanding your sales potential immediately.

Here are some of the benefits that Synaptic Solar can bring to the table:

  • Increase your profit by  %30/watt on every job (ask us how)
  • Installations installed with strict accordance to manufacturer requirements under the supervision of experienced crew leads and licensed electricians.
  • Save money on warehousing costs since we will warehouse your products for you
  • Our efficient operations and quick turn-around times will enable you to meet your contract deadlines
  • You will be represented by a crew who looks and acts in a professional manner—there will be no cursing, music or other improper actions on the job site

More benefits that Synaptic Solar can bring to the table:

  • We will market your brand by wearing your company’s logo on our shirts
  • Professional documentation will be provided at the completion of each job
  • You will have available to you the expertise of a Master Electrician with over 5 Years of Solar Experience and more than 10 years as a Licensed Master Electrician
  • A labor guarantee up to 10 years

And more benefits that Synaptic Solar can bring to the table:

  • Once you assign the job to us, you can depend on us to complete it in a dependable and hassle-free manner, allowing you to move on to other endeavors
  • We can handle all of your contracting needs—you will not have to deal with multiple contractors
  • We can provide full turn-key operations, including site assessments, permits, material, procurement,warehousing, installation, interconnection ,inspections, and HOA
  • Our contracting services are extremely versatile—we can provide as many as 4 installations per day

Our Services

Assistance with every phase of your solar project

From project design and engineering through installation, maintenance, and follow-up, Synaptic Solar has the expertise to deliver superior outcomes. Our services include:

  • Site development and feasibility studies
  • Array design
  • Interconnection design and planning
  • Roof structural adequacy analysis
  • Energy storage integration
  • Permitting
  • Energy modeling
  • Superior installation procedures
  • Complete documentation
  • Operations maintenances
  • Monitoring and follow-up
  • Ongoing support
  • and much more

Let our experts help deliver maximum return to your clients.
Call us today – let’s talk about your projects.