Solar Storage




Battery Storage Solutions for Energy Independence

Electricity prices are going up and battery prices are coming down. That makes this the perfect time to install a hybrid system that makes use of the latest battery technology. With a hybrid system your customer


  • Store excess energy generated by your solar system for use at night
  • Get power during blackouts
  • Still draw more power from the grid when you need it
  • Sell excess power back to the grid


This provides your customer with the best of solar and the best of traditional, grid-based electricity. Only use energy from the grid during off-peak times when it’s cheaper. The rest of the time, utilize energy stored in your state-of-the-art battery storage system. Or don’t rely on the grid at all – turn energy you stored during the day into electricity at night and reduce your electrical bill to $0.  A typical battery storage solution consists of:

  • A battery bank for storage
  • An inverter/charger
  • A Battery Management System (BMS) that takes advantage of the power you’ve stored based on your personal settings.


With a battery storage solution, you can interact with the grid as much or as little as you like.