A Grid Of Your Own

A microgrid is a local energy grid that can disconnect from the traditional grid and operate independently. It’s asmall-scale version of the centralized energy system and includes power generation, storage, and demand management components. It offers many benefits for the local community it serves including:

  • Reliability and redundancy
  • Cost savings
  • Extra revenue for the community from power sold back to the grid
  • Environmentally friendly – reduced carbon emissions
  • A way to work around local load growth restrictions
  • Power where there wasn’t any before

Synaptic Solar knows how to build microgrids that can operate in conjunction with the traditional grid but can also disconnect and operate in “island mode” as needed. Remote microgrids never connect to the traditional grid, usually due to economic or geographical issues. Instead they operate in island mode all the time.

Whatever kind of microgrid you need, Synaptic Solar can build it for you.
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