Design and Engineering

Design and Engineering


Solar Engineering Excellence

Need assistance designing or engineering a solar solution? We can help. Our team includes a Master Electrician who has over 5 Years of solar experience and over 10 years as a Licensed Master Electrician. Add in the engineering expertise we have on staff, and you have the perfect skillset to design a solar system for any setting. We can handle the whole design from top to bottom or take a specific aspect off your hands. Our team handles residential,
commercial/industrial, and even utility-scale installations.

Photovoltaic System Design

A successful project starts with your vision, supported by an optimal design. Our experts take into consideration everything from geographical requirements to expected solar capacity to help you engineer a solution that will meet your client’s expectations. From equipment selection to interconnection and permit negotiations, we’ve got you covered. Our Master certified electrician and in-house engineers will work proactively with your team to develop and deliver the ideal solar solution for any setting. From concept to delivery, Synaptic Solar can help every step of the way.