Residential Solar

Residential Solar

Residential Solar

Residential Solar is growing in popularity . Synaptic Solar is poised to energize that growth! Customers are met with a crew leader who understands the concerns homeowners may have. A clean professional crew ensures the homeowners confidence in his solar system purchase.

Focus your time and attention on selling solar, knowing your installations are in the best of hands.

Let our clean, professional crew deliver a great installation experience to your client. Our crew leaders understand the concerns a homeowner may have and know how to ensure that your client will have confidence in their solar system purchase.

Our full, turn-key services include:

  • Site assessment
  • Permits
  • Interconnection
  • Material delivery
  • Warehouse space for holding materials
  • Quality installation
  • We’ll handle the city inspection

Everyone at Synaptic Solar is part of a client-centric culture that focuses on you and your client.

Dependable and Hassle-free

Assign an installation to us and consider it done. Skip the headaches of managing multiple contractors and let us take care of the job for you, quickly and efficiently.

No Warehouse? No Problem!

Use our warehouse to establish a foothold.

We Market For You

We’ll wear your company’s brand on the job and professionally represent your brand to your customer. We promise to make you look good!